Ludwig Otten

After his secondary education Ludwig Otten studied the piano with Johanna Wagenaar and music theory with Martin Lürsen at the Royal Conservatory of Music in The Hague. His composition teachers were Sem Dresden and Hendrik Andriessen.

Since 1952 he taught piano at the Deventer School of Music and read theory at the Rotterdam conservatory of Music.

Otten describes his compositional activities as not related to any school. In general terms his music may be seen as ‘musicians’s music’ rather than ranked as ‘progressive’ or ‘avant-garde.’ He has a predilection for ostinati, a clear musical form, a full and warm sound and, especially in his later works, extended melodies.

Otten wrote more than 100 works, mostly in the realm of chamber music and often with voice. His compositions for wind ensemble are numerous and Otten has a particularly fine gift for handling instrumental timbres .

2fl 2ob 2cl 2n 4hn
I. crotchet = 184, II. Variaties
Perf. Time
ca 13’
Aristos (with its subtitle: “Concerto for 12 winds”) was originally scored for 12 saxophones for the Jean Penning’s Saxophone Ensemble at the Brabant Conservatory of Music. Otten made the present Harmoniemusik version of the music in 1999.


Otten, Ludwig
Aristos - Concerto for 12 winds
F.E. 0802/43 score and parts
2fl 2ob 2cl 2bn 4 hn
€ 65.-
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