Julius Röntgen

Julius Röntgen (1855-1932) was a Dutch pianist and composer of German descent. He studied in the Leipzig Conservatory of Music and belonged to the circle of Brahms, Bargiel, Lachner and other composers, who were the musical heirs to the ideas of Schumann and Mendelssohn.

Röntgen settled in Amsterdam in 1877, where he became director of what later would be the Amsterdam Conservatory of Music and conductor of several choral societies.

Röntgen left a large and varied oeuvre, in particular after 1925, when he retired.

The present Serenade op. 14 was completed in 1878 and published by Breitkopf & Härtel shortly thereafter. The piece is dedicated to Julius and Elisabeth Klengel, with whom Röntgen lived during his student years in Leipzig.

A well-known anecdote decribes that Johannnes Brahms after hearing the Serenade op. 14 was embarassed to find out, that the first movement of his (later) Second Symphony contained remarkable resemblances to the first movement of this work.

SERENADE IN A OP. 14 (1878)
fl ob cl 2bn 2hn
I. Allegro tranquillo, II. Scherzo Allegro, III. Andante con espressione, IV. Allegro molto vivace
Perf. Time
ca 23’
a symphonic work


Röntgen, Julius
Serenade in A op. 14
F.E. 0403/23 score and parts
fl ob cl 2bn 2hn
€ 70.-
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