Hubert Parry

Hubert Parry 1848-1918) is one of those many 19th Century composers, like Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov or Alexander Borodin, who started out in an entirely different business and only later devoted their full time to music.
Having been trained in music at the Exeter and Magdalen Colleges in Oxford, Parry initially worked for Lloyd’s Register of Shipping. At the same time he took lessons from Edward Dannreuther (1844-1905), an accomplished musician of German origin and keen Wagnerian, who had settled in London.
Parry composed an extensive (mainly vocal) oeuvre and wrote many an article for the Grove’s  Dictionary of Music and Musicians. He served for more than 25 years on the staff of the Royal College of Music.
Parry had a prominent social background and lived the life of an English gentleman, sailing off the Channel Islands in his spare time and being one of the first persons in England who got a ticket for speeding.

NONET IN B-FLAT OP. 70 (1878)
fl ob ca 2cl 2bn 2hn
I. Allegro, II. Allegro Molto (Scherzo), III. Largo, IV. Finale
Perf. Time
ca 23’
moderate - difficult
a symphonic work with cyclic distinctions; built on themes that echo the music of Wagner’s Mastersingers of Nürnberg.


Parry, Hubert
Nonet in B-flat op. 70
F.E. 0414/34 score and parts
fl ob ca 2cl 2bn 2hn
€ 65.-
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